Choosing the Right Air Filters: A Buying Guide for Your Machine

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Choosing the Right Air Filters: A Buying Guide for Your Machine

Need help choosing the right air filters for your machine? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the realm of MVHR, Air Handling Units, and more, guiding you to make informed decisions.

Understanding Your Machine

Understanding the type of machine you have is crucial. Is it installed in a house or office? If so, it’s probably an MVHR system. However, if it’s in a workshop dealing with chemicals and VOCs, it’s likely an air handling unit (AHU). Identifying the machine type is essential in determining the appropriate filter to purchase.

MVHR Machines:

MVHR machines, commonly installed in residential and commercial buildings, offer efficient ventilation. Popular brands in the UK include Vent-Axia, Nuaire, and Titon. These machines typically utilise wire frame filters for effective air purification.

Air Handling Units:

Air handling units are typically installed in industrial settings, workshops, and commercial environments. These units commonly employ either panel filters or bag filters for efficient air filtration.

HEPA Filtration System:

HEPA filtration systems are typically installed in environments where high-quality air purification is paramount. These systems incorporate HEPA filters, renowned for their ability to capture fine particles and allergens effectively.

Sometimes, the simplest way to determine the required filter type is to inspect the machine’s interior. Each filter type has distinct characteristics: wire frame filters resemble synthetic material sewn over a frame. Panel filters appear as card or metal boxes with internal mesh. Bag filters feature metal rims with hanging sacks. HEPA filters look like wooden or metal boxes housing tightly woven paper sheets.

Choosing a Filter Grade

Choosing the appropriate filter grade is crucial as it determines the filtration capabilities and efficiency. Higher-grade filters have finer mesh, offering superior filtration of smaller particles and contaminants. The filter grade directly impacts the level of filtration provided by an air filter.

MVHR Filter Grades:

MVHR filters generally come in filter grades such as G3, G4, M5, with some available in G2. G2, the lowest grade, offers minimal filtration, preventing dust buildup within the machine. On the other hand, filters ranging from G3 to M5 exhibit progressively enhanced filtration capabilities, with M5 effectively capturing almost all pollen and dust particles that pass through it.

G3, G4 and M5 Replacement Filter Grade Guide

Air Handling Unit Filter Grades:

Filter grades for panel filters vary. Oiled Glass Panel filters, equivalent to G3, are the lowest grade. Panel Filters span G4, M5, F7, and F9, with each offering superior filtration capabilities compared to the previous grade. The specific environment where the filter is being installed determines the required filtration grade.

Bag filtration grades for air filters range from G4 to F9, with each grade offering higher filtration capabilities than the preceding one. Once again, the choice of filtration grade depends on the specific environment where the filter will be installed.

HEPA Filter Grades:

HEPA filter grades range from H10 to H14, with each grade surpassing the filtration standards of the previous one. The appropriate grade depends on the desired level of filtration required for a specific application.

In Summary…

In conclusion, determining the right filter for your machine is often as simple as inspecting the filter already inside your machine. Referencing the provided descriptions, identify the filter type, and measure its dimensions using a tape measure for MVHR. Alternatively, locate a sticker displaying dimensions for Panel, Bag, or HEPA filters. If you need more help, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

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