About our Custom Air Filter Solutions

We offer bespoke air filtration solutions such as our wireframe filters. Each frame can be constructed to any size up to 1.8m on the longest side and include special features such as hinges, hooks, pull tabs or v/w bends.

Our Reticulated Polyester Foam can be formed into cylinders, cones and other shapes, with open front steel wire mesh stiffeners if required, as well as custom-sized pads.

We also offer custom sizes of our panel, bag and HEPA filters.

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Custom Size Air Filters Built To Your Specification

Custom filters are air filters that are specifically designed to fit your air system.

If you have a bespoke requirement when it comes to your air filters, then get in touch with us as we are able to design and build custom air filters to your exact specification.

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Custom Air Filtration Case Studies

Take a look at our blog where you can find out how we've helped other customers just like you.

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