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Carbon Panel Filters

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More About Carbon G4 Pleated Panel Filters

Carbon panel filters are the most frequently utilised air filters for gas removal. They are intended to filter gases via a bed of activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) and are commonly used to counteract VOCs generated by popular household items.

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Carbon G4 pleated panel filters are air filters that combine the particle capture capabilities of a G4 filter with the odour and gas trapping properties of activated carbon. The filter features a pleated design that increases its surface area, allowing it to capture more particles than a flat filter.

Carbon G4 pleated panel filters typically have a MERV rating of 8, indicating a moderate level of particle capture efficiency. The activated carbon layer in the filter also helps to trap odours and gases, making it a good choice for those with indoor air quality concerns.

Carbon G4 pleated panel filters can trap a wide range of odours and gases, including those from cooking, pets, and chemicals. The activated carbon layer in the filter works by adsorbing these molecules, removing them from the air.

The lifespan of a Carbon G4 pleated panel filter can vary depending on factors such as the level of contaminants in the air and the frequency of filter changes. As a general guideline, these filters should be changed every 3-6 months to ensure optimal performance. If you notice a decrease in indoor air quality or an increase in odours, it may be time to change the filter.

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