The Importance of MVHR Air Filtration for the Home

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The Importance of MVHR Air Filtration for the Home

In this article we’re going to look at MVHR air filtration and its importance in the home setting.

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What is MVHR and how does it work?

MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) is an extremely effective method of ventilating your home.

MVHR systems work by continuously removing moist, stale, and polluted air. The heat that would otherwise be lost from the extracted air is recovered and retained by passing this air across a heat exchange cell. There are then fewer heat losses and a more comfortable indoor climate as this heat is transferred to incoming fresh, filtered air that the unit is resupplying back into usable rooms like bedrooms and living rooms.

how does MVHR work

What are the advantages of installing MVHR in your home?

New build homes must now be constructed with extremely low leakage rates in order to meet government regulations and building standards, which increases their energy efficiency. This is great, but as pollutants and humidity are retained within the house (as a result of these airtight building techniques), poor indoor air quality may ensue.

This is where MVHR air filtration come into play.

Here are the main advantages of having MVHR air filtration in your home:

  • Having an MVHR system replaces the need for having lots of individual extractor fans and trickle vents within your home.
  • MVHR removes pollutants from the air, improving air quality as well as keeping condensation at bay.
  • Your indoor air quality is vastly improved, With MVHR fresh, filtered pre-warmed air is supplied into your bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Very little maintenance is required (apart from replacing your MVHR filters – which is where we come in!).
  • MVHR units themselves are fairly cheap to run – typically 6p per day *based on electricity costs of 14p kWh.

Even if you live in an older home (e.g. not a new build) MVHR still has big benefits. You just need to ensure that your home is airtight and very well insulated to ensure you reap the benefits of the MVHR system.


MVHR Units

MVHR systems consist of the main unit itself, the pipework and then the actual filters within them.

A ventilation system is normally installed out of the way in places such as attics, void spaces or plant rooms. The pipes are then fed down to each individual room to extract out stale air and supply fresh air.

Here are a few examples of MVHR units from Nuaire:


So are MVHR systems worth it?

Yes, heat recovery systems like MVHR are definitely worth it long term, as you can save substantial amounts on your heating bills, as opposed to opening bathroom windows and using other types of bathroom fans for ventilation

The number one reason for investing in an MVHR system for your home though, is the huge improvement in the quality of the indoor air, which will improve the health and wellbeing of everyone living at your property.


Get your MVHR replacement filters from us…

It is recommended to check MVHR filters every 3-6 months, depending on the use of the system, the environmental pollution and the dust load.

If you can’t see any light while looking through the filter or if the filter has a decent layer of dust on it, that’s the best indication that it needs to be replaced. If the system starts to get noisy, your MVHR filters are obviously past due for replacement. This is because the MVHR system is noisier and has a harder time moving air around the building when its filters are clogged.

When that time comes, you can obtain your filters directly from us. At the time of writing we currently stock MVHR replacement filters for the following MVHR brands:


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