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Vortice Vort HR 350 AVEL Replacement Filters Set

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About this Vortice Vort HR 350 AVEL Replacement Filters Set

Filter Size: 198x398mm

These compatible Vortice Vort HR 350 AVEL replacement filters are manufactured to a high standard in our UK factory. Regularly replacing the filters and maintaining your Vortice MVHR unit will reduce the humidity in your house, completely removing condensation dampness and preventing mould growth. Regularly replacing the filters will help create a healthy living environment by removing airborne pollutants from your home, these include coarse dust, insects, hair, spores, house dust, skin flakes, pet dander, and pollen. Keeping your machine well-maintained with clean filters will also make it more energy-efficient which can help reduce your electricity bill and usage.

Free UK Shipping. Filters Sold as a pair.

  • Pack of 2 single air filters (set of 2 filters).
  • Filter medias: G3, G4 and M5.

Vortice Filter Product Codes:

  • 11296

Compatible with the following Vortice products:

  • Vort HR 350 AVEL

Please visit this link for installation instructions: User Instructions

All of our Monsoon Replacement Filters are compliant with European Standard EN779, equivalent of ISO 16890.

It is recommended filters are changed every 6-12 months. They can also be gently vacuum cleaned to extend the life.

All our filters are manufactured by us, in the UK, as replacement filters. They are in no way associated with the MVHR air system manufacturer. The use of manufacturer names is solely for the purposes of identifying the correct filters.

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FAQs About Vortice MVHR Filters

Key indicators that your Vortice MVHR filters need replacing include a noticeable reduction in airflow, an increase in noise from the unit, or a decline in the indoor air quality. Regularly replacing your Vortice MVHR filters is essential to maintain the system's efficiency and ensure good air quality in your environment.

The replacement frequency for Vortice MVHR filters generally depends on your specific environmental conditions and usage. It's recommended to check the filters every 3 to 6 months. However, if you live in a high-dust area or have pets, you might need to replace the filters more frequently to ensure the optimal performance of your Vortice MVHR system.

Some Vortice MVHR filters are designed to be cleaned and reused. However, it's crucial to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific model. Disposable filters should not be cleaned but replaced to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your Vortice MVHR system.

Replacement filters for your Vortice MVHR system can be purchased through our online air filters shop. Ensure that you purchase genuine Vortice MVHR filters to maintain the system's efficiency and to uphold any existing warranties.

To properly install new filters in your Vortice MVHR unit, first, make sure to power off the unit. Follow the user manual to open the unit, remove the old filters, and correctly insert the new filters, ensuring they fit well and that the airflow direction is correct. For specific model instructions or if in doubt, refer to your Vortice MVHR manual or consult a professional.

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Free Delivery On all orders total value over £300

30 Day Returns Return within 30 days for a full refund.

Stellar Support We have a dedicated team to help you.

Made in the UK

Made in the UK All our products are manufactured in the UK.

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