The Corsi-Rosenthall Box: DIY Air Purification

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The Corsi-Rosenthall Box: DIY Air Purification

The Corsi-Rosenthall Box has emerged as a DIY air purification substitute for the reduction of airborne viral particles. This innovative design, born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, offers an affordable and effective alternative to commercial air purifiers. Let’s delve into the origins, design, efficiency and real-world applications of the Corsi–Rosenthal Box.

Origin and Innovators

Engineers Richard Corsi and Jim Rosenthal introduced the concept in response to the airborne transmission of COVID-19. The idea took shape in August 2020 when Corsi, an environmental engineer and incoming Dean of Engineering at the University of California, Davis, collaborated with Rosenthal, the CEO of filter manufacturer Tex-Air Filters. Their collaboration aimed to improve ventilation and reduce infection risks by devising a cost-effective DIY air purifier.

Design and Construction

The Corsi–Rosenthal Box is ingeniously simple in design yet effective. It comprises of four or five air filters forming a cube, sealed with tape, and paired with a box fan. This air purifier can be assembled with materials available at local hardware shops and online stores. Filters with a MERV13 rating or higher are recommended. These form the side walls of the cube, while a 20-inch box fan completes the structure. Rosenthal’s 2020 design introduced the five-filter variant, further optimising the system’s efficiency.

How to Make Corsi-Rosenthall Box

Efficiency and Impact

Studies have demonstrated the remarkable efficiency of the Corsi–Rosenthal Box in filtering airborne particles, including viruses. A 2022 study reported a clean air delivery rate (CADR) between 600 and 850 cubic feet per minute, depending on fan speed. Notably, this DIY solution costs roughly one-tenth of commercial air purifiers, making it an accessible choice for budget-conscious individuals. The device has proven effective not only in reducing indoor viral particles but also in mitigating wildfire smoke. This showcases its versatility in addressing various air quality concerns.

In Summary…

The Corsi–Rosenthal Box provides an affordable and practical solution to enhance indoor air quality. Its simple design, ease of assembly and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive option for a wide range of applications. The Corsi-Rosenthall Box exemplifies how innovation in do-it-yourself solutions can contribute to healthier and safer living environments.

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