To Wash or Not to Wash: Reasons to Skip Washing MVHR Filters

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To Wash or Not to Wash: Reasons to Skip Washing MVHR Filters

While washing MVHR filters might sound like a good idea, it may not yield the desired results. Join us as we unveil the reasons to replace, rather than wash, MVHR filters, ensuring a healthier environment for all.

What is MVHR?

MVHR, or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, is a vital system for maintaining indoor air quality in buildings. This not only ensures continuous fresh air but also efficiently recovers heat from outgoing air to reduce heating costs. Understanding the significance of proper MVHR maintenance is crucial to harnessing its benefits effectively.

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How Does MVHR Work?

MVHR systems work by extracting stale air from indoor spaces and replacing it with filtered fresh air from the outside. Filters play a critical role in trapping dust, allergens, and pollutants, safeguarding occupants’ health and comfort. Regularly maintaining the filters and ducting is advised.

Why Shouldn’t You Wash MVHR Filters?

Washing MVHR filters can be detrimental due to potential damage to fibres, reducing dust holding capacity. Washing may damage the delicate structure, compromising filtration efficiency, rendering them less effective. Moreover, washing increases the risk of bacteria and mould build up, deteriorating air quality and damaging the MVHR system.

How to Clean MVHR Filters

To clean MVHR filters effectively, use a vacuum to gently remove excess dust, prolonging their lifespan. Regularly clean the ducting to reduce dust build up. For a full guide on cleaning MVHR filters, please visit this article.

Replacing MVHR Filters

While you can clean MVHR filters, they are primarily designed for replacement to ensure optimal performance and air quality. The filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, guided by manufacturer advice and dirt accumulation level. The lifespan is also affected by the installation environment and conditions, such as being next to a busy road. Filters Direct provides the best pricing for replacement filters from major MVHR manufacturers like Nuaire, Vent-Axia, and Titon.

In Summary…

In conclusion, proper maintenance of MVHR systems is pivotal for sustained indoor air quality and energy efficiency. While cleaning can prolong their lifespan, filters should still be replaced every 6 to 12 months, as per manufacturer recommendation. Environmental factors further influence filter lifespan. By adhering to these practices, you ensure a healthier living space and optimal functioning of your MVHR system.

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